Sean + Natasha | Sunset Engagement in Fort Wayne, IN

I learned in the last four years of being married that love can show itself in different forms, other than how we’ve been taught to see it through media.  Love is when the butterflies in your stomach go away, but the thought of life without that person makes you want to ugly cry. It can be the way you feel like you can be completely yourself, and that there are no limits because you have someone to stand beside you no matter what life brings.  That is what love looks like to me.


What does love look like for you? 

Discovery | Editorial Photography

Have you ever felt like you were in a mental fog? The kind of fog that one gets when the morning alarm goes off and everything is out of focus when you awake.

For the past few years that’s how I’ve felt creatively; and since this past summer I’ve been re-discovering who I am. The fog is starting to clear, and I feel like I can be myself again.  I’ve felt creativity and imagination flow back through my veins, and it’s been invigorating!

 I believe discovering ones self is a daily journey that’s not always easy, but I never want to stop.

 “Growth comes from uncomfortable moments and without growth there is only death.” –Cordelia McLellan