Documentary Family Photography | Midwest Photographer

What is documentary family photography?

It is unscripted and unposed -  just me following your family around with a camera -  either at your home or your favorite park and documenting those times you'll want to look back on to remember.

A passion of mine is telling stories of real life, not just the parts that are pretty, but also the parts that seem normal.

Documentary family photography is a beautiful way to preserve those memories you make during a slow Saturday morning making brunch, folding clothes, and just being together. 

Serenity | Documentary & Lifestyle Photography

There can be much peace and beauty in the early hours before the world around us wakes up.

The best type of morning can be filled with calmness when one doesn't have any pressing plans - and the stillness can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or an inspiring book. 

I think it can be good for the soul to take some time to slow down and enjoy the peacefulness of the morning.