Pat + Joanne | Seattle Wedding Photography

From time spent over coffee to a wedding day that turned out beautiful in just about every way, this couple was great!

We met Pat and Joanne originally for coffee, which is when I learned that most baristas in Seattle find you really strange if you order decaf, like I did. Immediately we could see how much they cared about each other, and how excited they were to get married. 


All that excitement was so evident in their engagement photos, (which can be found here) and in their wedding day celebration, which was an event to remember. These two were wonderful. 

We showed up that morning and anticipation was in the air. We almost got the groom mixed up with his brother, which can be a little awkward when we didn't realize he had an identical twin. After learning that valuable lesson, we proceeded to take photos of the correct people from that point on.  


Everything was planned out perfectly, and we enjoyed watching traditions unfold from both of their families. 

Overall these guys did a fantastic job at planning their wedding, and we couldn't have been happier to be able to spend the entire day documenting their beautiful occasion.