David + Jenna | Downtown Embassy Theatre Wedding in Fort Wayne, IN

David & Jenna are such sweet souls and it was quite evident during the entire day. I felt honored to get a glimpse at the love and adoration they have for each other from their vows to the time I had with just the two of them during their photos. It was a beautiful wedding held at The Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana and I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite frames. 


Venue: The Embassy (Leah and her team are amazing to work with!) 

Flowers: Rose's Bouquets rb-weddings.com

Dress: One Fine Day

Robert F. Taylor 90th Birthday | Indiana Documentary Photography

Today is very a special day, because it’s my grandpa’s 90th birthday!


Last summer I had the privilege of photographing him at the Taylor Homestead that has been in my family since 1854.  I loved getting the chance to walk around the old farm with him and hear some of his stories from when he lived there.

I have so many fond memories of the farm, and I know my mom, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins have many as well. It was always a place to let our imaginations run wild, and there have been countless hours of stories that have been created there.

My grandpa is a man of many talents and accomplishments; from photographer, farmer, master gardener, and artist. He has done a lot different things and has done them well. I asked him what his motivation was to try new things, and he said that if something seemed interesting he would just go for it. 

 Since I can remember, my grandpa has loved to pass on  his knowledge to anyone who would listen, and I have learned many valuable things from him.


Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa!








The Changing of Seasons | Midwest Wedding Photographers

Yes you read that correctly, Yaro Photography will be relocating to the Midwest this summer.

But why?!?!

I feel like that’s a great question. We asked ourselves what we were wanting out of our lives, and the things that the Midwest could offer appear to suit that need a bit more than our current scenario.


Does this mean we will never see you again?

Most definitely not. We still have family in the Northwest and will definitely be back to visit. 


We've been looking at our lives trying to find what the things are that we value in life. We've made our lists of plus and minuses to each place and in the end we discovered we're extremely excited for the opportunity and new adventure of the Midwest. 

Ruth grew up in the Midwest and Nate grew up in the Northwest. We believe that both of our perspectives together have allowed us the ability to determine a good outlook for our goals. We spent two years in Seattle, and it will always hold a fond place in our hearts. We now feel like God is leading us to the midwest and opening doors for us there. We're excited to start this new journey and can't wait to share it with all of you. 

If you're someone who lives in the Midwest, either a creative, or someone who just wants to say hi, we would love to connect with you. We're always looking to make new friends and build great relationships. You can find both of us on either instagram or twitter . 


Ruth's Twitter - @ruth_yaro                   Nate's twitter - @nateyaro

Ruth's Instagram - @ruthyaro                Nate's Instagram - @nateyaro