Justen + Candis + Keston | Fort Wayne, IN Lifestyle Photography



I enjoy nothing more than when I get to follow around a sweet family and document part of their lives. Candis & Justen are so welcoming, genuine and all around wonderful and their little man is so full of life. Toddlers are such a fun age to photograph, because they get so excited and want to show you every toy they have. It's awesome. 

There are so many priceless moments that happen during these types of sessions, and I love when I get to the chance to document those memories for families to look back on. 




Joe + Kristin + Miles | Fort Wayne, IN Lifestyle Photography

On a perfect fall morning, I documented the sweetest family as they made pancakes and had lots of snuggles with their little man. I can only imagine how fun it will be for Miles when he gets older and gets to see a glimpse of how life was when he was a baby. 

Documentary Family Photography | Midwest Photographer

What is documentary family photography?

It is unscripted and unposed -  just me following your family around with a camera -  either at your home or your favorite park and documenting those times you'll want to look back on to remember.

A passion of mine is telling stories of real life, not just the parts that are pretty, but also the parts that seem normal.

Documentary family photography is a beautiful way to preserve those memories you make during a slow Saturday morning making brunch, folding clothes, and just being together.