Joel + Eden | Intimate Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

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This wedding was a special one for me, because Eden has become a close friend this past year and the other part of Photanical. I met her a year ago when she booked me for their wedding and we had no idea what all would come from that. 

Joel & Eden decided to have an intimate wedding in Los Angeles where they used to call home. It was the place that made them stronger together and where they fell in love. They wanted their wedding to be about the commitment they made to each other and celebrating their marriage people who loved and supported them. It couldn't have more perfect and there wasn't a dry eye while they shared the vows they had written to one another.

After their ceremony, the champagne was opened and the celebration began.

I was honored to witness and document a beautiful start to their marriage.

Tucker + Taryn | Midwest Lifestyle Photography

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She is from California & he is from Indiana. They met in collage, fell in love and recently married. They are both wonderful, talented people who seem to just enjoy life and not take themselves too seriously. I loved laughing with them, and also enjoyed learning their story. 


Pink | Editorial Photography

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My lovely friend Eden & I started Photanical Series, which combines photography & botanical workshops that promote creativity & community. By documenting how beautiful it is when women create, it tells the story of the modern woman & what can happen when their strengths are acknowledged, appreciated, & united. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about it, our website is 

This shoot was inspired by all the beautiful colors that spring and summer are filled with. 

Movement | Personal Work

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Photography wasn’t my first artistic love; I studied ballet/modern dance for 16 years. 

I loved to go into the dance studio alone where I would turn up the music and just lose myself in the movement.  It was freeing to release myself in some way. 

Life happened, my artistic expression changed, but feeling the music has never changed. If I close my eyes I can see the movement and that freeing feeling is still there.