Robert F. Taylor 90th Birthday | Indiana Documentary Photography

Today is very a special day, because it’s my grandpa’s 90th birthday!


Last summer I had the privilege of photographing him at the Taylor Homestead that has been in my family since 1854.  I loved getting the chance to walk around the old farm with him and hear some of his stories from when he lived there.

I have so many fond memories of the farm, and I know my mom, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins have many as well. It was always a place to let our imaginations run wild, and there have been countless hours of stories that have been created there.

My grandpa is a man of many talents and accomplishments; from photographer, farmer, master gardener, and artist. He has done a lot different things and has done them well. I asked him what his motivation was to try new things, and he said that if something seemed interesting he would just go for it. 

 Since I can remember, my grandpa has loved to pass on  his knowledge to anyone who would listen, and I have learned many valuable things from him.


Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa!