Lydia | The Story Project

Everyone has a story; something going on in their life. It may be something exciting that’s happening, or possibly a hard time they’re going through, or simply just trying to figure life out.  The person may be sitting next to you on the bus, or may be the barista at your favorite coffee shop, or the same people you pass by when you walk to work every day. 

 I want to be a better listener and let someone share their story. It doesn’t matter what it is, or what they’re going through; if they’re willing to share, I’m willing to listen.

I'm still developing this project, so please bear with me as more ideas come. I'm working on becoming better at asking questions and improving my writing skills in the process 

 I am so thrilled that my friend Lydia was willing to help me with this and share a little bit of where she is with life. She is an amazing person. She is adventurous, has the best contagious laugh, is just herself; and that itself fantastic. I appreciate her openness, and I think what she has to say is very valuable. I know for myself reading her answers hit me and made me realize some things with my own life.

 So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy what this lovely lady has to say.


1// Do you feel like you’re living “life” how you thought it would be?

Not at all! Ever since I fell in love with the idea of being in the music industry at the age of seven, I always imagined by the time I reached my mid-20's I'd be living in a big city similar to Seattle. I also imagined I’d be finding all the hidden gems to get them signed to a major label, or even be writing and playing in band signed to a major label.


2// What has the process looked like for you?


The process of actually pursuing this lifestyle was quite endearing and sacrificial in a way words are hard to define.  After high school I realized that I was too much of a perfectionist to ever be happy with myself as a guitar player or singer/songwriter.  Nonetheless, I still fell painfully in love with bands so much that I'd talk about them like they were my best friend.      

Then I discovered the business side of the music industry was where I needed to be. I studied Music Business in college but dropped out and moved to Seattle to get as much experience in the industry as possible.  I wanted to learn the ins and outs through internships and faking my way through as a 'band manager' to the most unheard of local bands. I devoured every type of information that I could and eventually landed a job at a record label that I had interned at; and from that, plus managing local bands, I was offered a job at a small venue in downtown Seattle.  A few months later I found myself booking shows for The Crocodile, and starting my own PR agency and managing some well-known local artists.

I've loved the entire experience: from seeing bands start out with a dozen people at a show to selling out shows.  However, lately I haven’t had my fingers in any part of the industry. After the last band I was working with I started to get burned out on people's lack of character and integrity.  It began to drag me down, and I no longer had any desire to be a part of it. I was starting to define who I was by what I was doing in the music industry; including the people I knew and helping them be a part of their success.  When I started letting that shape me by how I carried myself, or allowed people to define me as this type of person, it cheapened why I wanted to do all of this in the first place. Once I came to terms with that I felt like I was able to enjoy my life and realize why certain things in life are insanely awesome.


3// What makes you feel alive or like you?

Traveling and learning new things make me feel alive. I love being able to go to a new city (and hopefully new countries) and have the opportunity to experience the culture, climate, and the different types people. New perspectives are always a good way to keep me on my toes and push myself to learn new things, read crazy books, discover weird art, and find out the genuine differences there are all over the world. I want to always pursue developing a creative mind and knowing that not everything has to be done a certain way, or in a certain time frame, based on my age or by expectations other people may have for me.


4// Just for fun, if you could travel back in time and meet anyone, who would it be?

I would jump at the opportunity to hang out with Spock for the day. I’d like to pick apart his brain, touch his weird ears, hear him tell me that I did something logical, chill on the USS Enterprise, and then say our Live Long & Prosper farewells. Phasers would surely be set to fun.