Meet Ruth From Yaro Photography

Ruth was born in Indiana. She then moved to Illinois where she met the Love of her life. However, neither of them knew that. Two years later she moved to Massachusetts. Three years later her "Love of her life" realized what he was missing out on and won her over to Washington State.

How was I so blind?
— Nate

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Meet Ruth

Meet Nate
Meet Nate From Yaro Photography

Nate was born in Billings, Montana. He moved with his family to Portland, Oregon at age four. He lived happily there until he was fourteen. At that point his family moved to Longview, Washington. Five years later Nate moved to Illinois where he met the "Love of his life", though he was not aware of it yet. Two years later he moved back to Washington where he lived until Ruth came to join him.

It only took him 3 years to realize he loved me.
— Ruth

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Meet Yaro Photography

Ruth and Nate were married on May 21, 2011. Believe it or not, it was actually photography that brought them together. Living on opposite ends of the country, they began their photographic journey which helped them to realize that they had much more in common than a deep love for creative expression and story telling.

Nate and Ruth now live in Seattle, Washington and love it. Together they work to create an experience that is unique and genuine. 

I’ve never felt so alive as when I’m taking photos.
— Nate
Beautiful light makes me weak at the knees....
— Ruth